Complete Hollywood Smile Makeover in Croatia!

Would you like to improve the shape, length or color of teeth or want to change the look of your gums and give your lips a new appealing smile and appearance?

What Is A Hollywood Smile Makeover?

A complete makeover includes one or more cosmetic and dental procedures for the improvement of esthetics and the sole smile of the patient.

If you want to return self-confidence to your smile, Smile Makeover is an ideal solution for accomplishing harmoniously shaped teeth and shining white smile.

For some people, the makeover can have more meanings, it is something individual and revolves around the personal choice of each patient.

Some patients want a perfectly white Hollywood smile, a celebrity smile with snow-white ceramic veneers, while others just want a simple improvement of the current look, such as replacement of amalgam (black) with composite (white) dental fillings and teeth whitening.

Regardless of the reasons of your discontent, there are many various ways in which you can improve your smile by using certain methods of  contemporary esthetic dentistry:

Research Has Shown That

  • More than 75% of people do not feel confident because of their smile whilst being photographed,
  • Over 45% of people judge other people by the looks of their smile,
  • More than 75% of people consider that a pretty smile helps people in their private and professional life,
  • More than 65% of people think that an attractive smile helps a lot in love life and that a beautiful smile can be romantic.

Some methods

  • Distorted teeth and bite can be fixed with dental dentures or conventional dentistry. Such teeth can be covered with ceramic veneers as the fastest solution, better known as “instant dentistry”.
  • Shredded, depleted or broken teeth can be cured, depending on the stage of damage, with the help of new ceramic crowns or by using new and top composite materials.
  • If there is a void and/or one of the teeth is missing what can cause functional problems, which is esthetically unacceptable as well, a makeover often includes implantation of teeth implants, dental bridges or dentures, exchange of existing fillings as well as the tightening of the spread between teeth. Dentistry can also be used for moving teeth and bridging differences between them.
  • If you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth or if they are covered with teeth layers, they can be treated with a certain dental cleaning or a professional teeth whitening can be made to achieve the wanted color of teeth. Before the whitening treatment itself, an exchange of existing fillings with the new top materials of the wanted color is made.
  • If you have deep smiling lines, wrinkles or lips which have lost their fullness – in a complete makeover we can improve the current state with the help of cosmetic treatments by using completely biocompatible skin fillers. (Hyaluronic Acid – Dermal fillers effectively overturn the process of aging. They are used for the softening of rough face lines, filling of wrinkles, lifting of bloated cheeks and for filling lips. With a combination of botox and dermal fillers, we can shape the contours of the face and give back a youthful look and shine). The results are immediate!

Completely treatment satisfy the highly esthetical requests. The sole surgical procedure is completely painless for the patient since it is done under local anesthetics.

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    Hollywood Smile Abroad beforeHollywood Smile Abroad after
    Before dental veneersHollywood smile makeover

    Characteristics of zirconia dental material

    • We use high-end dental materials that guarantee the best quality functional and aesthetic results
    • Larger comfort is offered to the patient and easier cleaning of teeth and surrounding tissue
    • High resistance to breakage and less grinding of teeth is needed
    • Reduced irritation of gums and long-term restorations thanks to large firmness
    • The completely natural characteristic of colors for highly esthetical results

    Dental Implants Abroad Reviews!

    Here’s what our happy patients had to say about our services:

    Extremely competent, qualified, professional and kind doctors of dental medicine. Their approach is patient oriented and is highly dedicated to offering the best possible solution for the patient. Highly recommended!

    David Smit

    They are all extremely professional, kind and guide you through the steps. The personnel, the assistants, doctors… I absolutely recommend the practice!

    William Brown

    Wonderful people, wonderful team and many thanks for giving me a brand new smile. Kind regards from UK. See you soon on my vacation in Croatia. Totally recommended and best dentists in Croatia.

    Elizabeth Jones

    Absolutely recommended! I and my husband made new beautiful smiles and had a great time in Croatia, only in 5 days! We are completely satisfied. Thank you!

    Kate Turner

    Between my dental treatments, I visited Adriatic coast and that was a magic experience. After 20 years I finally got a new and perfect smile. Its look natural and I am very satisfied with treatment. Thank you!

    Connor Walsh