CBCT-RTG diagnostics, the indispensable machine!

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Today the indispensable machine in the process of dental medical treatment is definitely CBCT.

With this machine, it is possible to see all the teeth of the jaw, condition of the jaw, jaw joint, hard and soft tissue and it is also a necessary machine for work in implantology and orthodontics. CBCT is the most frequent recording which reproduces the entire maxillofacial region, including temporomandibular joint, joints of the jaw. Digital images are displayed immediately on the screen and are then processed by the software for a more precise analysis. Digital recording technology reduces the radiation dose for the patient up to 90%.

We offer our patients top quality care in the area of dental medicine as well as personal adjustment and treatment of each patient in the best possible way and according to their individual needs.

At our clinics, you can do the exam with the CBCT and the scan is completely free if you decide to proceed with the interventions in our clinic. Expert medical radiology engineers record and process the data.

Completely treatments satisfy the highly esthetical requests and the sole procedures are completely painless!

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Digital Dental X-ray



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    • Top team of prosthetic experts and oral surgery
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    • Current methods of healing which follow world-class standards
    • We only use the most up to date technology
    • Various possibilities of payment;
    • Premium service…

    We offer a wide range of services and individualized approach, which makes us the only such medical institution in the region. Our biggest goal is to understand your needs, and after that fulfill and exceed your expectations.


    Dental Implants Abroad Reviews!

    Here’s what our happy patients had to say about our services:

    Extremely competent, qualified, professional and kind doctors of dental medicine. Their approach is patient oriented and is highly dedicated to offering the best possible solution for the patient. Highly recommended!

    David Smit

    They are all extremely professional, kind and guide you through the steps. The personnel, the assistants, doctors… I absolutely recommend the practice!

    William Brown

    Wonderful people, wonderful team and many thanks for giving me a brand new smile. Kind regards from UK. See you soon on my vacation in Croatia. Totally recommended and best dentists in Croatia.

    Elizabeth Jones

    Absolutely recommended! I and my husband made new beautiful smiles and had a great time in Croatia, only in 5 days! We are completely satisfied. Thank you!

    Kate Turner

    Between my dental treatments, I visited Adriatic coast and that was a magic experience. After 20 years I finally got a new and perfect smile. Its look natural and I am very satisfied with treatment. Thank you!

    Connor Walsh