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We consider dental ceramic veneers to be one of the top tools of esthetic dentistry. Ceramic veneers as such can drastically improve the position, size, color, and shape of teeth while keeping their natural shine and look.


Veneers are fixed prosthetic appliances which are used for aesthetic correction of teeth, esthetic restoration, which is used for sanitation of colored teeth, cracked enamel, cavity and for the reduction of the space between teeth.

If you want to return self-confidence to your smile, dental veneers are the ideal solution for accomplishing harmoniously shaped teeth and shining white smile.

As opposed to a crown, a shell covers only the front side of the tooth and therefore represents an excellent solution for front teeth. By setting up veneers a smaller mass of the healthy tooth is removed as opposed to crowns.

When a veneer is being set up on the tooth, explicitly out of esthetical reasons, only a small layer of enamel must be removed. It is made in a dental laboratory from ceramic similar to glass and gives the patient a healthy, natural and shining smile.

The ceramic from which veneers are made is much more resilient than the tooth enamel itself, which is why it successfully resists different external impacts. Veneers don’t change color with age like natural teeth.

All veneers are specially made for each patient and can provide lasting esthetic results in a very short time period.

Our doctors are top experts in setting up, and dental technicians in making veneers so that together in a top professional team can create results which look exactly like natural teeth, maybe even better.

Completely porcelain veneers satisfy the highly esthetical requests. Porcelain veneers mimic the features of natural teeth entirely which results in a crown that is not possible to differentiate from the natural tooth. Porcelain veneers do not need timely recovering. Right after the procedure you can go home and return to your everyday routine.

The sole surgical procedure lasts short, and most importantly, is completely painless for the patient since it is done under local anesthetics.

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    Characteristics of zirconia dental material

    • We use high-end dental materials that guarantee the best quality functional and aesthetic results
    • Larger comfort is offered to the patient and easier cleaning of teeth and surrounding tissue
    • High resistance to breakage and less grinding of teeth is needed
    • Reduced irritation of gums and long-term restorations thanks to large firmness
    • The completely natural characteristic of colors for highly esthetical results

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    Extremely competent, qualified, professional and kind doctors of dental medicine. Their approach is patient oriented and is highly dedicated to offering the best possible solution for the patient. Highly recommended!

    David Smit

    They are all extremely professional, kind and guide you through the steps. The personnel, the assistants, doctors… I absolutely recommend the practice!

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    Wonderful people, wonderful team and many thanks for giving me a brand new smile. Kind regards from UK. See you soon on my vacation in Croatia. Totally recommended and best dentists in Croatia.

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    Absolutely recommended! I and my husband made new beautiful smiles and had a great time in Croatia, only in 5 days! We are completely satisfied. Thank you!

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    Between my dental treatments, I visited Adriatic coast and that was a magic experience. After 20 years I finally got a new and perfect smile. Its look natural and I am very satisfied with treatment. Thank you!

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