Holiday and dental tourism in Croatia…

Croatia is a world famous tourist destination and has become a destination for medical tourism, especially for dental care.

Croatia offers incredible beauties of nature (numerous national parks and more than a thousand islands) and world-famous cultural heritage, many cities protected by UNESCO and cultural monuments like Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir, Šibenik…

Croatia has a high education, practical and technological level of dental medicine and the cost of treatments is still significantly lower than in the countries of Western Europe.

CRODENT is a private specialized dental agency with many years of experience and highly skilled personnel. Our services of modern dental medicine, high-quality materials, insurance, constant education and a top team of doctors put us in the sole top of clinics of dental medicine in the area of the Republic of Croatia.

We are proud to offer you the best in dental treatment combined with the charming beauty Croatia has to offer. Why bother with the stress of looking for and waiting in lines at various dental clinics when you can enjoy a relaxing vacation in Zagreb and even visit the Adriatic coast.

With continuing education and implementation of the latest technologies, we are known as a leading provider of the full range of dental services, implantology, and esthetic dentistry.

Let us design your trip and stay in Croatia to your taste while your dental needs will be taken care of by one of the best specialists and professionals in Europe. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy the benefits of strong healthy teeth with dental implants of top quality.

Completely painless,  within a short period of time give yourself a new and confident smile! Apply today already!

Our guarantee

CRODENT gives a written guarantee and certificate of quality for all prosthetic and implantological work where we guarantee the usage of top materials during the procedure as well as usage of technology which satisfies top standards in dental medicine. It is a pleasure to continue and offer top world class standards in dental medicine to our current and future patients.

Our principles and values

One of our key goals is a complete dedication to the needs of our patients so to satisfy their needs and requests. 

CRODENT in its conducting has the following basic values: honesty and trust, professionalism, only top quality, only top services, speed of adjustment, determination, ethnicity, fairness, morality, cooperation and good relations and constant education and professional perfecting of our employees!

Safety of the patients

By performing the highest standards in dental medicine, maximal security of the patients is enabled.

Also, by the usage of one-time consumable materials, top world class producers, like gloves, masks,  pumps, overlayers, glasses, various needles, etc. We give special notice to the complete sterilization and disinfection of all instruments in our clinics.

With the conducting of explicitly high standard procedures of protection through which even the tiniest instruments which are used during a precise procedure, it is important to express that other small objects in our clinics such as furniture and other equipment and devices are being disinfected. Through exactly and precisely defined protection protocols are secured top standards of hygiene.

Arrival and transport 

We suggest to you low-tariff flights (cheaper flights with low-cost air companies) best to Zagreb, Ljubljana, Rijeka, Zadar, Osijek or Budapest (Hungary). After landing our representative will wait for you and bring you safely to your accommodation and clinic.

We have organized a FREE TRANSFER from the airport to our clinic in Zagreb as well as after the finished dental treatment return to the airport.

During the treatment and stay in Zagreb, all transfers are organized from the accommodation to the clinic and back. During the stay and arrival to our clinic, the entire time the patients will be followed by our translator, so they will feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Free accommodation 

For all of our patients which come from the UK, if a stay of a few days is needed, we have secured a completely free stay in our specially designed apartments which are located near the sole center of Zagreb, near all the tourist attractions and city content.

Apartments are completely equipped with a kitchen, bedroom with clean sheets, bathroom with clean towels, hair dryerm washing machine… Also, parking space for your car is secured.

From additional equipment, they contain air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi internet, LCD TV device and satellite antenna, and a coffee machine. TV programs, movies, and magazines in your language will help you feel at home.

The focus on our patients includes evolving their trust. We refer to our patients, work and partners positively and with passion. We strive towards creating a feeling of friendship, making each moment of staying with us easier.

New problems present for us challenges towards which we approach readily, find solutions and give suggestions for improvement.


Please, do not hesitate to contact us via our website for questions or a quote. We will be more than happy to call you back to answer all your questions.


Our patients regularly save 50% to 87% compared to the quotes they receive in other countries! 


    Contact us in any form you like and, if it is possible, send us a panoramic image (no older than 6 months), photos of your smile, some quality pics of your teeth and a short description of your treatment requirement. After we receiving this information one of our dentists will make you a quote.
    Hurry up! Contact us today and get 100% free first dentist consultation!

    About Crodent team
    About dentist team

    Why choose us?

    • Top team of prosthetic experts and oral surgery
    • Experts with long term experiences
    • Current methods of healing which follow world-class standards
    • We only use the most up to date technology
    • Various possibilities of payment;
    • Premium service…

    We offer a wide range of services and individualized approach, which makes us the only such medical institution in the region. Our biggest goal is to understand your needs, and after that fulfill and exceed your expectations.


    Dental Implants Abroad Reviews!

    Here’s what our happy patients had to say about our services:

    Extremely competent, qualified, professional and kind doctors of dental medicine. Their approach is patient oriented and is highly dedicated to offering the best possible solution for the patient. Highly recommended!

    David Smit

    They are all extremely professional, kind and guide you through the steps. The personnel, the assistants, doctors… I absolutely recommend the practice!

    William Brown

    Wonderful people, wonderful team and many thanks for giving me a brand new smile. Kind regards from UK. See you soon on my vacation in Croatia. Totally recommended and best dentists in Croatia.

    Elizabeth Jones

    Absolutely recommended! I and my husband made new beautiful smiles and had a great time in Croatia, only in 5 days! We are completely satisfied. Thank you!

    Kate Turner

    Between my dental treatments, I visited Adriatic coast and that was a magic experience. After 20 years I finally got a new and perfect smile. Its look natural and I am very satisfied with treatment. Thank you!

    Connor Walsh