Procedure for Dental Implants in Croatia!

In accordance with the top world standards of dental medicine and depending on the type of procedure, we prepare each patient, especially for the surgical procedure. The surgery is usually done in the dentist’s office under local anesthesia.

A dental implant is a small titanium biocompatible screw which imitates the root of the tooth, and in a surgical way can be built in the bone of the jaw. The design of a dental implant is based on the design of a natural tooth which is commonly described as having two main parts:

  • The crown that sits above the gums
  • The root that sits securely below the gum

The implant replaces the function of a natural root and if looked after properly should last a lifetime. The implant crown is carefully crafted to look and feel like a healthy, natural tooth that feels like part of you.

Dental Implant Timeline

  1. Initial Consultation – During this appointment, they will do a comprehensive dental exam, take an X-ray of your mouth, and then take impressions of your teeth. After this, your dentist will talk to you about the recommended treatment plan.
  2. Bone Grafting And Teeth Removal
  3. Implant Placement – The surgeon begins by exposing the jawbone by making an incision in the gum where the dental implant will be placed.
    1. A small hole in the bone of the jaw will be prepared by the surgeon.
    2. The dental implant is then placed, making it similar to the level of the bone under the gums.
    3. Once your mouth is healed, you’ll be ready for the next stage. (Osseointegration – a period ranging is necessary for the jawbone to fuse with the implant.)
  4. Placing The Healing Collar And/Or Temporary Crown
  5. Placing The Abutment
  6. Placing The Permanent Crown

The installation of implants is recommended to people who are missing one or more natural teeth, as well as such to whom the natural possibility of chewing, esthetical look or speech has been damaged.

The implant success rate today is around 98%, which qualifies this type of intervention among the most successful in dentistry. The procedure of implant installation is made in the time interval of 15 minutes by the implant.

The sole surgical procedure lasts short, and most importantly, is completely painless for the patient.

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    Missing a single tooth

    A single implant will support a single crown and is the ideal solution when compared to conventional alternatives. The treatment is simple and the procedures are very minor when carried out by well trained and experienced surgeons. It is possible to remove the failed tooth, place the implant and build a tooth directly onto the implant all within a single appointment!


    Missing multiple teeth

    Just as with the lack of one tooth, the lack of a few teeth can be easily cured with dental implants. With implant prosthodontics, teeth are fixed in the mouth, as opposed to mobile, such as dental dentures and with them, you have no worries that they will fall out while you talk, eat or during everyday activities. In this case, when more than one tooth is missing, tooth implants serve as carriers of the bridge made out of crowns.

    A fixed implant bridge involves the placement of two or more dental implants. The implants provide stability and stimulate the surrounding bone to prevent significant bone loss!


    Missing all your teeth?

    You only need 4-6 implants to support a bridge of all of the missing teeth, greatly reducing the bone loss that occurs with conventional dentures.

    Dental implants will provide you with a stable and long term solution that reduces the pain, discomfort, instability, and bone loss that denture patients experience.


    What if I don’t have enough bone available for successful dental implantation?

    In the case of a lack of bone, artificial bone is added to stimulate bone tissue growth to ensure a successful integration of the implant with the surrounding tissue.  Our experienced Dental Implantologists can tell from the initial digital OPG X-ray if a bone graft or sinus lift will be needed to support the dental implants.


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