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Conservative dentistry works with the sanitation of damage of the tooth tissue and endodontics and is based on the diagnostics, prevention and curing the cavity. The goal of the conservative dentistry is healthy, beautiful and, of course, functional teeth!

Conservative dentistry

With the most current methods and by using the most modern technology we make for our patients a short and painless therapy possible.

The tooth cavity is an infection caused by the existing bacteria in the oral cavity, and by food remains. The doctor of dental medicine starts the therapy by cleaning the area of the cavity-infected tooth tissue all the way up to the healthy part followed by the filling, made today of mostly composite materials.

It is characterized by high esthetic and functional characteristics. Thanks to the broad range of color shades of the composite, complete naturalness of the filling are achieved.

Completely conservative dentistry satisfy the highly esthetical requests. All materials mimic the features of natural teeth entirely which results in a crown that is not possible to differentiate from the natural tooth. Right after the procedure you can go home and return to your everyday routine.

The sole procedure lasts short, and most importantly, is completely painless for the patient since it is done under local anesthetics.

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Root Canal Treatment – Endodontics

Endodontics works with treating the root canal of the tooth.

The doctor of dental medicine approaches the preparation of the root canal with adequate instruments and chemical means.

The infected tooth nerve needs to be removed from the tooth canal so to prevent the spreading of the infection to the surrounding tissue as well as a possible loss of teeth. Also, on radiological recordings of the spreading of the infection, it can be seen as an infected process in the bone around the tooth root (granuloma or cyst).

The dentist determines the length of the root canals, usually with a series of x rays. Small wire-like files are then used to clean the entire canal space of diseased pulp tissue and bacteria.

The debris is flushed out with large amounts of an irrigant (normal saline or sodium hypochlorite usually). The canals are also slightly enlarged and shaped to receive an inert (non-reactive) filling material called gutta percha.

Once the canals are completely clean, they are filled with gutta-percha and a sealer cement to prevent bacteria from entering the tooth in the future.

Dental Composite Fillings

Setting up the composite fillings includes the sanitation of the tooth because of the destruction of the tooth by cavity or damage of the tooth.

Today, when high esthetics is sought, the only materials which can satisfy such criteria are composites.

The most modern standard amongst composites is nano-hybrid composite materials which, with their features, enable the making of fillings of top quality, stability, and aesthetics.

Based on nanotechnology, nano-esthetic tooth fillings have been created with the appearance of natural teeth and high resistance to wear.

Since reflection and other optical features are almost identical to the natural tooth, nano esthetical tooth fillings are invisible and perfectly incorporated in the remaining part of the tooth in the upper and/or lower jaw.

The procedure of creating the composite filling itself requires skills, patience and time. 



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    Treatment include

    • Composite, Ceramic and Metallic restorations
    • Root canal treatment
    • Specialized restorations like a crown, inlays, veneers…
    • Bleaching of teeth and esthetic recontouring of teeth
    • Complete oral rehabilitation
    • Smile design…

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